How does it work



Soap Aid works closely with partner hotels to ensure minimal disruption to hotel management with maximum staff engagement

Keep the original outer cartons that your new soaps are delivered in.
These will come in handy to return the waste soaps.

Organise for a small clean
container to be placed on the Housekeeper trolleys for collecting the waste soaps from the guest rooms.

When collecting the waste
soap, please keep separate from all other waste items and packaging. It is preferable to discard any soggy soap.

At the end of each shift, transfer the collected waste soap from the trolley containers into the original outer cartons. Ensure to line outer carton with a heavy duty bag. Weight of cartons to be kept to a maximum of 12kg.

When cartons are full, seal with tape and apply the attached label to both sides of the cartons for easy identification of destination details.

Place the full cartons of waste soaps in the loading dock or designated area for collection by Rotary.

Once six cartons of soap have been collected, please advise your Rotary contact that the cartons are ready for collection.

Collection from your property will preferably be on a Sunday, negotiated with the Rotary representative. It would be greatly appreciated if there was someone on site to assist with the transfer of the waste soap into the collection vehicle.