Soap Aid sends 60,000 bars of soap in one month to disadvantaged Cambodian families


For many Cambodian families, the simple act of using soap each day can cost almost half their daily income. This cost presents extreme hygiene challenges for almost 10 million Cambodians living without access to proper hygiene. Soap Aid is working hard to address this critical need, sending recycled soap to communities.

In July Soap Aid sent 60,000 bars of soap to Cambodia in a direct effort to save disadvantaged children’s lives. This incredible outcome was made possible by Soap Aid’s partnerships with Caring for Cambodia and Eco-Soap Bank.

Caring For Cambodia is a dedicated organisation intent on securing a brighter future for the children of Cambodia through education. Similarly, Eco-Soap Bank is a humanitarian not-for-profit organisation with a mission to sanitise, save and supply recycled soap to the developing world.

These partnerships are integral to addressing hygiene issues in Cambodia and providing positive impacts in communities. Jor Chanty (below) is one of seven local Cambodian women who have been employed by Eco-Soap Bank to sell Soap Aid’s soap bars in her local community. This is part of a sustainable model to employee and train women. Soap will also be distributed through schools to reach children.


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